Cloud for Sustainability + Water on Azure MySQL and Postgre

Apr 7, 2023 8:17 AM

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In my previous blog I showed the recreated Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability Water data model which I made available for Azure SQL/ SQL Server. Since Azure SQL and SQL Server are not the only offerings Microsoft currently supports in Azure itself, I also created the both the regular and Water Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability data model in MySQL and PostgreSQL!


In the last two blogs I showed the newly created Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability (Water) data models based on Data types of Azure SQL/ SQL Server. For both MySQL and Postgre the model will look similair but some Data types will be different as well as the .SQL scripts used to deploy them, since both currently don't support database projects and .Dacpacs.

You can find both updated repositories with new diagrams at the following github locations:
\ Cloud for Sustainability

Cloud for Sustainability Water

While the collaboration with Microsoft continues, more updates will come around the Cloud for Sustainability!

What's next?

Today I will be a guest at the latest stream of the Workplacedudes in which I will show how to use ChatGPT in combinations with Azure Logic Apps, the content of the demo will be in my next blog!