Cloud for Sustainability WATER on Azure SQL/ SQL Server

Mar 24, 2023 9:54 AM

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In my previous blog I showed the recreated Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability data model which I made available for Azure SQL/ SQL Server. Currently the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability WATER data model is in preview. Non the less I already created the Azure SQL/ SQL Server option for it!

Cloud for Sustainability WATER data model

As for the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability model, I also created a new diagram for the Water data model. The Water model is an extension to the regular Sustainability model, but is separate and on its own and focusses solely water quantity, quality, and sustainability reference data. The model I created contains all relevant relationships and information per column which can be browsed in the diagram below, if you want a more detailed view, visit

The Azure SQL/ SQL Server Database project can be found on Github and contains all required code and a pre-generated .DACPAC and T-SQL script.

What's next?

I will continue with improving the availability of the models and see if I can also make it available for other SQL database types. Stay tuned for the next blog!