Cloud for Sustainability on Azure SQL/ SQL Server

Mar 10, 2023 1:58 PM

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In my previous blog I showed how to create a modular YAML based Azure Pipeline for the deployment of an SQL Database. This blog will be a bit different then other blogs, as we will not go through it step-by-step but it will be a ready to use solution! In recent talks with Microsoft about Sustainability we came to a natural understanding about working together on the topic, in the sense of expanding the technical capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability solutions.

Before this blog, the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability data solution only existed within Microsoft Dataverse but not in any other way. Today I present the Azure SQL/ SQL Server solution for it!

Cloud for Sustainability data model

I recreated the data model which could be found on mslearn, here you can also find all the details about were it is used for and the benefits around the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability product. The model I created contains all relevant relationships and information per column which can be browsed in the diagram below, if you want a more detailed view, visit

To get this to work for Azure SQL/ SQL Server I also created a Database project, which contains all required code and a pre-generated .DACPAC and T-SQL script. All of this can be found at Github.

What's next?

Microsoft has created a new Dataverse model for the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, which focusses solely on Water. I'm currently busy creating a model and project for this as well, stay tuned for the next blog!