New Partner benefits! Level up your business with co-pilot and more Azure Credits!

Feb 23, 2024 10:29 AM

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Getting Started

Recently, Microsoft has made significant updates to its Partner program, introducing fresh elements to enhance and streamline the partnership experience. This change is a strategic move to bridge the gap left by the modification of the previous Silver and Gold partnership levels.

To address this gap, Microsoft has introduced three new packages. These are the Launch, Key Partner Success, and Extensive Partner Success. Each package is uniquely designed to cater to various needs and stages of partnership development.

These new offerings are strategically placed to complement the already existing Action Pack. Additionally, the recent introduction of Solution Partner Designations last year marked a significant shift in Microsoft's approach to partnerships. These designations recognize partners who demonstrate deep expertise in specific Microsoft solutions. The three new packages are designed to align just before these designations, creating a more cohesive and flexible partnership framework.

In essence, Microsoft's refactoring of its Partner program represents a thoughtful evolution, aiming to better align with the diverse needs of its partners and foster a more robust and collaborative ecosystem.

Let's dive into the benefits of each package to understand how they cater to different partnership needs.

Starting Out: Partner Launch Benefits

'The Partner Launch Benefits' is your introductory package when you start with Microsoft. It offers basic tools and products to help set up your business in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Key Points:

  • Marketing Tools: Access to Digital Marketing Content, Ready-to-Go Marketing Assets, and Geo Expansion Assessment.
  • Microsoft Product Licenses: Includes Microsoft 365 Business Premium (including Bing Enterprise Chat licenses), Azure Bulk Credits ($700/year), Visual Studio Professional, Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium, Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise.
  • Ideal for Newcomers: Designed to help you start and build your presence.

Growing Your Business: Partner Success Core Benefits

As your business grows, the 'Partner Success Core Benefits' package provides additional support and resources. It's aimed at helping you handle more complex projects and customer requirements.

Key Points:

  • Enhanced Support: Technical presales services (5 hours) and Signature Cloud Support incidents.
  • Expanded Resources: Increased Azure Bulk Credits ($2400/year), more licenses for Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium and Sales Enterprise.
  • Suitable for Expanding Businesses: For those who are developing their capabilities and market reach.

Reaching the Top: Partner Success Expanded Benefits

For well-established businesses, the 'Partner Success Expanded Benefits' offer the most comprehensive support and resources. It's designed for large-scale operations and significant market impact.

Key Points:

  • Premium Support: Extensive technical presales support (10 hours) and more Cloud Support incidents.
  • Extensive Resource Pool: The largest allocation of Azure Bulk Credits ($4000/year), and a wide range of licenses for Dynamics 365 suite, including Business Central Premium, Sales Enterprise, Power BI Premium, and more.
  • For Established Market Leaders: Tailored for those aiming for major projects and high-impact results.

For more details read Microsofts AI program guide or the links associated with the benefits.

What's next?

Since starting at RET as Data Architect, I've noticed a growing need for Azure expertise, especially within the Public Sector's stringent policy framework. Next month, we'll focus on this, likely revisiting some BICEP code to align with these requirements.